ITV is registered as a company with the name ITV PLC, and Company No. 4967001. It was founded: 1955.

ITV PLC is the Global Ultimate Owner of ITV

NOTES: We have only noted shareholders with a 1% or greater holding here. The remaining 32.24% of ITV PLC is currently held by a further 54 companies and individuals.

What is a Global Ultimate Owner?

Ownership of ITV PLC, by shareholding:

Name Percentage
 Liberty Global9.9%
 Reliance Worldwide Corporation Limited 5.67%
 Brandes Investment Partners LP4.26%
 Artemis Investment Management LLP5.14%
 Blackrock Investment Management (UK) Ltd4.51%
 Affiliated Managers Group, Inc5.26%
 Schroder Investment5.22%
 Capital Research and Management Co. (World Investors)2.8%
 Ameriprise Financial, Inc.5.08%
 Pendal Group Limited3.16%
 Hargreaves Lansdown PLC2.77%
 Aviva PLC2.16%
 LGT Group Foundation1.43%
 Goldman Sachs Group, Inc1.09%
 Government of Norway1.07%
 Unknown Shareholder(s)32.24%

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Source(s) of data used: Fame Database. This share data was compiled: 06/2022
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