JPIMedia Holdings Limited

Ownership(s) held by JPIMedia Holdings Limited

Company Ownership
JPIMedia Limited100%
This table shows other companies and media outlets in our database where this shareholder has some ownership. Data on these shares held was last updated: 06/2022

Who owns JPIMedia Holdings Limited?

Shareholder Percentage
 Goldentree Asset Management Lux S.A.R.L.38.96%
 Fidelity Funds European High Yield8.22%
 Nortrust Nominees Limited8.17%
 CVI CVF IL Lux Securities Trading S.A.R.L.3.99%
 Fidelity Strategic Bond Fund3.07%
 MAN UK ICVC - MAN GLG Undervalued Assets Fund3.01%
 JPMorgan Securities PLC2.78%
 Providence Debt Fund III L.P.2.78%
 D King2.63%
 Killik & Co Trustees Limited2.63%
 Credit Suisse International2.58%
 CQS New City High Yield Fund Limited2.44%
 International Kapitalanlagegesellshaft MBH, acting for AND SFD22.22%
 Tikehau Capital SCA2.1%
 HSBC Global Custody Nominee (UK) Limited A/C 6350591.98%
 Unknown Shareholder(s)12.44%

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