Reach PLC

Ownership(s) held by Reach PLC

Company Ownership
Reach Publishing Group Limited100%
Independent Star Limited50%
This table shows other companies and media outlets in our database where this shareholder has some ownership. Data on these shares held was last updated: 03/2021

Who owns Reach PLC?

Shareholder Percentage
 Aberforth Partners LLP12.3%
 M&G Investment Management Limited11.8%
 Schroder Investment10.8%
 Northern And Shell Media Group Ltd8.63%
 Barclays Bank PLC 8.63%
 JPMorgan Asset Management5.94%
 Majedie Asset Management Ltd4.98%
 Dimensional Fund Advisors4.65%
 Standard Life Investments Ltd4.2%
 The Wellcome Trust Ltd (Investment Management)4.17%
 Unknown Shareholder(s)23.9%
This table shows the shareholder(s) who own this company. This ownership data was last checked for accuracy: 03/2021
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