Community Newspapers Limited

Community Newspapers Limited is the registered company name of the following Media Outlet(s) in the database: Galway Advertiser

Ownership(s) held by Community Newspapers Limited

Company Ownership
Galway Advertiser Limited84%
Community Newspapers Limited4.5%
This table shows other companies and media outlets in our database where this shareholder has some ownership. Data on these shares held was last updated: 06/2020

Who owns Community Newspapers Limited?

Shareholder Percentage
 Ronald P. O'Gorman58.2%
 Peter Timmins11.4%
 Joe Hynes6.8%
 Community Newspapers Limited4.5%
 Sian O'Gorman4.5%
 Sadhbh O'Gorman4.5%
 Anna Joy O'Gorman4.5%
 Sally O'Gorman4.5%
 Unknown Shareholder(s)1.1%
This table shows the shareholder(s) who own this company. This ownership data was updated: 06/2020
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